Integrated design for powering lighting device,5V digital product,MP3 display and FM radio.
High efficient PWM charging technology, intelligent management of battery's charging and discharging.
Small volume, low weight and easy to carry.
It can be charged by both by solar energy and city electricity.
Item JYPS205 JYPS206
Solar Panel 18V/10W(mono/poly) 18V/50W (mono/poly)
Lead-acid Battery) 12V/7AH*1Pcs Deep Cycle Free
12V/14AH*1Pcs Deep Cycle Free
Adapter Optional
Controller PWM 12V/5A
Output Voltage DC12V5A, USB5V1A
Charging Mode PV Charging
Charging Time 7.5H by 10W Solar Panel with Sufficent Sunlight;
3.7H by 20W Solar Panel
with Sufficent Sunlight
5H by 30W Solar Panel with Sufficent
Sunlight; 3H by 50W Solar Panel with
Sufficent Sunlight
Operating Environment 0-45℃
System Case Size 260*162*173 mm
Packing Size 360*170*220mm
Net Weight 4.2KG 5.6KG
Standard Cable Spec. 3M DC Cable+DC Connector
Battery External Expansion Unsupportive
Load Capacity
Appliance Spec(W) Qty(PCS) Working Hour(h) Power Consumption(W.h)
MP3/FM 5 1 8 40
Mobile Phone 5 2 2 20
LED Bulb 2 2 5 20
Fan 10 1 1 10
Television 25 1 1 25
Total 115



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