Product description
The series inverter and the solar charge discharge controller integration design referred to as inverse control of various machine; a with high performance, high reliability, load ability, perfect protection, intelligent charging control management function of the inverse power supply, DC voltage 12V inverter occasions for business, household, workstations, home appliances, below the rated power equipment to provide reliable power supply. In short it is a powerful, wide range of application of an intelligent high frequency inverse control power supply.
Product characteristics
1, Modified Sine Wave output;
2, LED display, you can visually display all the running parameters of the machine;
3, high conversion efficiency, conversion efficiency of 90%, low loss;
4, carrying capacity and anti load capacity;
5, perfect protection function: low pressure, high pressure, high temperature, short circuit, overload, reverse connection protection, etc.;
technical parameter
Inverter Parameters Model JYMC-600
Rated power 600W
Peak power 1200W
Input voltage DC12V
Output voltage 110VAC or 220VAC±5%
Unload current less than 0.3A
Output frequency 50Hz±0.2Hz or 60Hz±0.2Hz
Output waveform Modified Sine Wave
USB port 5V 1A
Max.efficiency 90%
Input voltage range 10-15.5V
Low voltage alarm 10.5±0.5V
Low voltage protection 10±0.5V
Over voltage protection 15.5±0.5V
Low voltage recover 12.3±0.5V
Over voltage recover 14.8V±0.5V
Protection function Low voltage Alarm at first, voltage continously reduce. LED Red light on & shut sown.
Over voltage LED Red light on, shut down
Over load LED Red light on, shut down
Over temperature Alarm at first, tempurature continously rise.LED Red light on & shut sown
Short circuit LED Red light on
Input reverse polarity Fuse burn-out
Solar Charger Parameters Battery 12V
Charging voltage 14.5V±0.3V
PV Input Current 10A(Max)
PV Input Voltage 25V(Max)
Low Voltage Disconnection 9.5V±0.5V
Low Voltage Reconnection 12.6V±0.3V
Other Parameters Working temperature -10°- +50°
Storage temperature -30°- +70°
Dimension(mm) 215x106x63mm
Packing(mm) 265x145x73mm
Net./gross weight(g) 765/980g
QTY/Ctn 15pcs
Meas./Ctn(mm) 465x315x395mm
Gross weight/Ctn(g) 14700g
Warranty 1 years
Configuration Standard
Cooling method Intelligent air cooling
Note: Our products update constantly.The technical parameter is for reference only.Please refer to our real product.



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